.bd domain registration

.bd domain registration

.bd is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh. .bd domain registration is administered by the Ministry of Post & Telecommunications of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) has been delegated the power to maintain the .bd registration service.

A domain directly under .bd is not allowed. Registrations are at the third level beneath several second-level labels (com, edu, ac, net, gov, org, and mil), paralleling the oldest gTLDs; registration is open except in the gov and mil subdomains, which are limited to authorized entities in the Bangladesh government.

There is no online registration facility for .bd domains.

Any person/organization from all over the world can apply for registration of domain with .bd. It takes 4 working days to active the domain upon submitting order. .bd domain can be registered initially for one year and subsequently renewable for further periods of one year.


An applicant is required to collect the application for registration and the agreement from BTCL. Compete application should be submitted to BTCL and BTCL then will accept the application and issue a demand letter.

Afterwards, the applicant is required to make the payment at the bank and submit a copy of the payment acknowledgment to the BTCL. Upon receiving the payment acknowledgment BTCL will process the application.

The entire registration process is manual that takes time.

Download:  .BD application form  .BD agreement

Source: ogrlegal