Things need to know before starting a new job

Things need to know before starting a new job

Readup:Find out who the top managers are, the organization’s goals, mission, vision, and exactly what your job entails. Keep up-to-date on industry news, and check out the company’s workplace policies, e.g. social media policy.

Banish any form of self-doubt:Establish that you are indeed fit for the job. Your job now is to carry yourself with confidence and give it your best.

Be respectful and friendly:Do not sit in a corner and alienate the people around you. Be nice to all the new faces you meet. Get to know your team members and start forming connections.

Leave your ego at the door:Ask for help and instructions. No one expects you to know the finer details of the job and your boss is there to provide guidance. If you find yourself unsure or confused, go ahead and ask your seniors for help. Do not be afraid to ask – you are expected to. Ask your boss about your performance, what is expected of you, and for tips on how you can improve.

Understand that grammar counts:Accuracy of facts counts. Proofread your documents before submission. If you find yourself to be weak in this particular area, work on improving yourself and show results of improvement. Re-check your facts and sources and always question their validity.

Plan your arrival:Your job begins even before you set foot in the office. Try arriving early to get extra time to adjust and make a good impression. Plan out things that make you anxious, like how you will greet people, what you will wear, your mode of transportation, etc. This will boost your confidence and help you figure out what to do and what not to.

Fine-tune your elevator pitch: You will be asked about who you are and what you do, but might have limited time to introduce yourself. Figure out how you are going to represent yourself in relatable terms and in a way that leaves a great impression.

New experiences might seem daunting but focus on giving your very best at the job. Learn from your mistakes and your involvement and let it bring growth within you.

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